To keep everyone safe, we are following all recent CDC, ADA, AAO, and Oregon Health Department/OSHA guidelines for dental treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic regarding social distancing, PPE use, and infection control.


What to Expect at Your Appointment:

  1. Please brush and floss at home before your appointment.
  2. Please wear a mask.
  3. 24 hours prior: you will receive a COVID screening text.
  4. 1 hour prior: you will receive a text to confirm there are no changes, or if you did not yet respond to the first screening text, you would be asked to do so at that time.
  5. Cleared for entrance: reply to the text as instructed once you arrive at the office, and you will be automatically placed in our Virtual Waiting Room at that time.
  6. Not cleared for entrance: a team member will contact you.
  7. Please wait in your car: a team member will text you when it’s time to come upstairs for your appointment.
  8. Temperature: once upstairs, take your temperature with the touchless temperature reading device outside our office: Green Light – ok to enter, Red Light – stay outside until a team member contacts you.
  9. Hand sanitizer: please use the touchless hand sanitizer station outside the office before entering.
  10. Once inside the office: a team member will guide you to your clinic chair, or in some instances, you may have a seat in the reception area, adhering to social distancing guidelines.

**If you are not the primary contact (cell number): you will need to call the office when you arrive, and we can enter your cell number manually, and the steps above will then apply.

**We ask that only the patient enter the office unless otherwise necessary. A parent may accompany a patient when the situation warrants or if treatment needs to be discussed in person. The COVID screening questions then apply to the parent as well, and the parent must use a temperature screen prior to entering.

**High-risk patients with comorbid conditions should consider waiting to be seen until the risk of exposure has lessened.

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