To keep everyone safe, we follow CDC, ADA, AAO, and Oregon Health Department/OSHA guidelines for dental treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. These agencies update their guidance frequently, so we will keep this page updated with our most current protocols and information.

Please Reschedule Your Appointment:

  • If you have had any COVID symptoms within the last 5 days
  • If you’ve had a known exposure within the last 5 days
  • If you’ve tested positive within the last 5 days

Our Updated Check-In Process (3/8/22):

  1. Please brush and floss at home before your appointment.
  2. Please wear a mask. Masks are still required in all healthcare settings for employees, providers, and visitors.
  3. When you arrive, proceed to our office and sign in at the check-in kiosk outside the office door.
    a. We ask that only one responsible party accompany the patient unless otherwise necessary.
    b. Please don’t enter the office more than 10 minutes before your appointment time.
  4. Please use the touchless hand sanitizer station before checking in at the kiosk.
  5. You may have a seat in the reception area. If this area is crowded, additional seating will be available in the hallway.
  6. Relax! You’re about to get the most advanced and friendly orthodontic care possible.