vivera retainers

Your New Smile is a Keeper

At some point, you are probably going to lose your retainer – or the dog will eat it, your dad will run over it with the car, a raccoon will steal it (yes, that actually happened). Trust us, we know.

And it will happen at the most inconvenient time when you can’t get in to our office. Vivera Retainers give you the peace of mind that your teeth won’t shift when that happens, because you have backups.

After all, you worked hard to achieve your dream smile. Together, let’s make sure your dream smile lasts forever.


The Best Protection for your smile

We recommend finishing your treatment with Vivera Retainers. Vivera are fabricated with a super durable and accurate material by Invisalign.

The benefits of Vivera compared to the standard Essix retainer are: 

  • You get 4 sets of retainers delivered at end of treatment, so if one is lost or broken you can simply change to a new one, saving future visits and cost. 

  • The best, most advanced and durable retainer material available – at least 30% stronger and twice as durable as standard retainers. 

  • Custom-fit for your smile, so there is even less chance of the teeth relapsing in any dimension. 

  • The Vivera Platinum Plan gives you peace of mind and insurance against shifting teeth if retainers are lost. 

Keep Your Smile

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The Vivera Platinum Plan gives you the best retainers available.

Patients up to age 18 will receive 4 upper retainers and a lower bonded retainer for only $485.

Adults will receive 4 sets (upper and lower) for $685, which is less than $86 per retainer. Compare that to a retainer replacement fee of nearly $200 and it’s easy to choose how best to protect your smile.

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