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You’re excited to start your Invisalign treatment and wondering when your aligners will arrive. Looking for a status update? Send us a message using the following form. Have questions about the process? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

For new patients starting treatment and patients waiting for Refinement aligners (see below), the process is usually 4-6 weeks from when we submit your case to aligner arrival.

The date all documents are signed and payment arrangements are finalized.

The digital treatment planning for your case is incredibly precise and intricate, and takes a lot of Dr. Wilson’s time up front.  By volume our office is also one of the largest and most experienced Invisalign offices in the Northwest.  There is also time needed for manufacturing (4-7 business days) and shipping (3-5 business days) your aligners.

We get tracking numbers once your case has shipped, and we will contact you immediately to schedule once we have that information.

Several factors, including delays in the shipping and manufacturing process, supply chain issues, holidays, and certain times of the year Invisalign’s case volume is higher than usual.

Because everyone’s teeth and orthodontic needs are slightly different, typically several series of aligners are required to get ideal results.  The initial set gets you close to the goal and completes major movement.  Additional series of aligners are intended to fine tune.

Subsequent or “Refinement” series of aligners are intended to fine tune teeth that are not yet in ideal position after the initial set of aligners is complete.  Most patients will have 1-3 Refinement series of aligners.

This varies greatly depending on the complexity of your needs, but typically each successive Refinement has fewer aligners than the previous set.

No, typically not, this is taken into consideration when we estimate your length of treatment.

No, these Refinements are already part of your treatment plan and fees.  The only exception is when moving from Phase I (Invisalign First) treatment to Phase II Comprehensive Invisalign treatment, as typically 1-2 years passes in between Phases, and fees are assessed separately for each Phase.